I’m back and with a new blogging home!

I’m back! Did you miss me? I hope you did. I missed me. Well I mean I missed writing my blog, so kind of the same thing, right? So yeah back in the land of the United Kingdom, and it sucks. Because that means I’m back at work, which sucks more. Nah its okay really. I actually don’t mind coming back from holidays. I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. A holiday for me is just a chance to relax and unwind, as I imagine it is for most people. Most times on holiday I literally do the same as I would do here, minus a few things of course (taking the PS3 would have been a little too far). I think I have said before that I am not a sunbather. I am ginger (although I prefer saying Auburn, sounds better) and pale as pale can be. Sunbathing for me is incredibly pointless, and boring. I like to just chill, read a book, watch some TV, go for a walk and drink lots of beer. Oh and eat loads of food. I’m not the biggest ‘sight seeker’ if that makes sense. I’m not too bothered about history. I mean some of it is cool, but more often than not its boring right? Also I’m not keen on going to places just because someone has told me ‘you have to go there, it’s amazing’. I just like going for walks and really just chilling out, but not too much, because even that can tedious. So when it’s time to get back on the plane home, I’m actually quite happy about it, sadly.

I like home though. It’s the place where I feel the most comfortable. On holiday you’re in a hotel or apartment and you have to adjust to everything. The bed, the not being able to drink the tap water and having to use bottled instead. The cleaners that come in whenever they feel like it. I don’t get any of that in my own house, and that’s why I prefer it. If only there could be a way where you could take your house with you when you go on holiday. Or like a holiday company that can recreate your house exactly. Brick for brick, with everything in it. That would be awesome! And much easier, because I would imagine trying to move a house from one country to another would be a tad difficult. Not impossible. Just difficult. Actually I think this could be a mission for Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film. His mission, should he choose to accept it, would be to move my house from the UK to San Francisco. Everything needs to be exactly the same and in the same location. If one item moves ever so slightly, he would fail the mission, and the world would implode. Just for shits and giggles.

I think the best thing coming out of the holiday was that I didn’t get burned! Woo! 3 Cheers for me! Seriously me not getting burned is a huge life achievement. The sun hates me. We have a hate-hate relationship. No matter how much sun lotion I put on, I still get burned. The worst was when I went to Cornwall last year. It was a really hot day so naturally I wore plimsolls’ with no socks. I didn’t put lotion on my feet because I didn’t intend to take them off. I got all comfortable in my deck chair, and then stupidly kicked off the plimsolls’ from my feet. I must have thought that I wasn’t going to be there long enough for the sun to burn them. Well I was an idiot. I should have realised that any exposed skin is basically saying BURN ME! To make matters worse I fell asleep. So for about an hour my feet were unprotected by sun lotion. When I woke up I realised straightaway what I had done. My feet felt like they were on fire, and it only got worse as the day went on. Come the evening they had nearly doubled in size! If I had hairy feet then I might as well have been a hobbit!

The next day I and the friends I was with were supposed to go on a walk. But I could hardly move. My feet were so swollen and sore, I had to keep them in a bucket of cold water just to cool them down! And the following day I had to drive 6 hours back home like it! Its safe to say that I have definitely learnt my lesson when it comes to the sun. So I’m shocked that I didn’t get burnt. I did get this thing called ‘prickly heat’ though and it’s a right bitch. It’s something to do when you don’t produce enough sweat, so a rash comes up due to the heat. It’s horrible. This happened in the space of an hour while playing mini golf. My girlfriend spotted it and I was like shit. There was nothing I could have done. You can’t prevent it. It honestly felt like a thousand stinging nettles on fire. It was that stingy and itchy. I hate the sun! So I was very happy when I got off the plane here at Luton Airport to dark skies and rain, perfect British weather!

That’s all me from this week guys, I shall catch your asses next week!


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