Because, why not?

This is going to be a really random blog. But I like random. To be honest I’m doing something I wouldn’t normally do. I’m blogging because I literally have nothing better to do. That’s sad, right? I’m sitting in my car, on my lunch hour, and all of a sudden I’m writing this. I normally read and then end up falling asleep. It happens every time. It’s probably because I get comfortable. Because the book I’m reading is definitely not boring. I’m currently on the third Jack Reacher novel called Tripwire. It’s so good. I’m really into the Jack Reacher books. Well books in general recently. For years I have heard people say “The book is so much better” and I never believed them. I was thinking how could words be better than visuals? It just didn’t make sense. People had bought me books for birthdays and Christmas, but I never found the time to read them, or more like I was trying to find anything else to do but read them. I was too busy going cinema, watching TV and going out with my friends etc. Reading was the last thing on my mind. But so was everything else too, writing being the biggest one. I had always wanted to do a blog but I never had the drive to stick to it. I had plenty of opportunities to really gain good experience, but I just wasted them. I was being selfish to myself, if that makes sense. I was denying myself these opportunities because I was too focused on going to the cinema and trying to watch the latest TV shows and blah blah blah. You know the rest. If you don’t, I spoke about it in the first blog I did. You can go back and read it, if you really want to.

Anyway enough of the dribble drabble. I tend to zone of and go in to my own little world at times. I like it there though. In that world I’m invincible. With amazing superpowers, unlimited money and the King of everything. That’s a good world isn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a King? I would happily be the King of anything. Hell even the King of bread sounds awesome. And I love bread so that’s even better. Instead of Knights jousting with them long poles, they would be using Baguettes. At the very least it’s safer. No bloodshed. Just breadcrumbs. The winner would get to, oh I dunno, bake me a bread statue of me. Yeah I like it. A 6ft bread statue of King Kevbodian the 3rd. That would be my name. It has a good ring to it. Also every year there would be the annual Bread Olympics. Various people from all over the kingdom would compete in a series of games. To be crowned the ultimate Bread Champion. There would be games like Shotput, but instead of an actual shotput being launched, it would be a loaf of bread. Then there’s the Oven High Jump, where they would need to jump over 6 ovens stacked up high. Oh, so many games. It would be a wonderful day. It’s a shame such a thing only exists in my head.

I don’t know where this year has gone you know. It’s October! Has someone removed like July and August? Or shortened the days without telling us? Because that was just a blur. Whizzed by without a trace. Although to be honest time has flown ever since I turned 21. I knew I shouldn’t have accepted it. I should have just turned it down. Said no the birthday and just stayed 20 for the rest of my days. Now I just feel old. I’m only 26 but I don’t care. That’s old. I don’t want any more birthdays. Actually let me rephrase that. I do still want birthdays. I just don’t want one every year. I think it’s pretty fair that I have a birthday every other year now. And if that’s the case then I won’t turn 30 until another 8 years’ time. Get in! Right who do I speak with to put this plan in motion? Oh and just because I wouldn’t age every other year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy me presents. Nice try. I still want presents every year. I love presents. And surprises. They go hand in hand. For me, I like not knowing what I’m going to get. Some people at my work said recently that knowing about something, as opposed to it being a surprise, doesn’t make a difference. So basically rather than being taken somewhere as a surprise, being told about it beforehand wouldn’t have changed how they felt about it. I didn’t agree at all. Because if that’s the case, then that totally negates the whole long standing tradition of a surprise birthday party. There is no way you would feel the same if you were told it about it before. It wouldn’t have the same emotional impact. I can talk from absolute experience here. When it happened to me, my reaction was of pure shock. I had no idea at all. I was hit by this sudden wave of elation and happiness that you can’t fake if you had already known about it. At first it shit me up, but then I was just amazed how everyone kept it a secret. And that’s where the appreciation hit me, and when I got a bit emotional. Because everyone kept it a secret, as a surprise, to see my reaction. How you can spoil something like that?

And with that note I am going to love you and leave, well, until next week of course! Can’t get rid of me that easily!


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