Why man flu sucks!

This is going to be a short post this week because I’m not very well. I am dying with man flu. It’s the worst thing ever. Every two minutes I have to stop what I’m doing and blow my nose. It’s so annoying! I need a personal nose blower assistant. Any volunteers? I’ve blown it so much it’s become crusty. Sorry I know that’s disgusting. But you have to agree with me that the common cold is the devil. There is no solid cure. You can take paracetamol and that Lemsip drink but all they do is make you drowsy. They do nothing else to relieve the horrible symptoms. Now being drowsy is fine when I’m at home. It’s not fine when I’m at work and have to talk to customers all day over the phone. Sniffling with a blocked nose and falling asleep is not the best customer service. To be honest I’m surprised the customers can even understand me at all. It’s very difficult to pronounce words when your nose is not working as it should. Sentences tend to just sound like one long word. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve said, yet they still understood me. Weird.

The other annoying problem of having a cold is the lack of appetite and taste buds. It’s a vicious double whammy. You’re either not hungry, or are hungry but then can’t taste anything. Or everything just tastes the same. Pointless. You might as well just eat a cracker or a piece of toast. Something bland that doesn’t have much taste. Anything fancier than that wouldn’t be fair on yourself or your taste buds. You would be disappointed. Trust me. Anyway enough of colds and stuff. I managed to power through it and go the cinema on Monday to watched Regression. A psychological thriller starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. I went in to it totally blind. Hadn’t seen the trailer so I had no idea what it was about. Even the title didn’t give anything away. My mate mentioned it to me last week and as soon as he said Emma Watson I was sold. Everything else just went over my head. I would happily watch anything with her in it. Turns out she wasn’t in it that much. Even though she is heavily featured on the films poster. Can’t really blame the film company for that though. Considering her mega fame and what not after that huge film series about a boy wizard. Hell she could have had just one line, or just shown the back of her head, and they still would have put her on the poster. Luckily for her fans, she has bit more than just one line.

I have a feeling that the trailer might have presented this as a horror. They tend to do that to ‘market’ the film to its full potential. Well Regression is not a horror. It’s a whodunit thriller, with a satanic cult thrown in the mix. Because. Why the hell not eh? They perform ‘rituals’, which involve people dressed in robes, heavily made up to look scary. They torture people and have sex with drugged victims while others film it. I mean I could of think of worse things. But then they kill babies. That’s where it just gets plain weird and disgusting. Ethan Hawke’s Bruce is the detective trying to figure the whole thing out. It’s a big task. He has a guy who is arrested for a crime he doesn’t remember committing. And a young girl who was the victim of said crime. Obviously there is a lot more to it than that. And in true form I will let you find that out for yourselves. Regression starts off very strong. Straight away there are questions raised as to what actually happened and why. You hear different sides to the story and it’s interesting. This is largely down to Ethan Hawke producing one of his best performances of recent times. He really makes his Bruce likable from his passion to find the person responsible for the horrific crime. Sadly it doesn’t take long for the film to travel down the predicable path. And this is where Emma Watson’s Angela comes in. Her character for one isn’t in the film a great deal, and when she is she doesn’t do an awful lot, other than cry. Yes Emma Watson can convincingly cry if you’re wondering. It’s from here where you start thinking everything might not be as it seems. It’s frustrating because it could have been a very good film, in the end it just ends up being meh. If you like slow burning thrillers with very little pay off then this film is perfect for you. But mostly just go see it because of Emma Watson, Emma Watson and Emma Watson.

That’s all from me this week. I’m gonna go blow my nose for the millionth time. Catch you guys next week!


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