Halloween is coming!

We’re at that time now where people are planning their Christmas parties. And also starting their Christmas shopping. It’s October! I swear it gets earlier every year. Before you know it people will start buying Christmas presents a year in advance. I can just see it going that way. It’s ridiculous. I just don’t understand it. We prepare for Christmas so early, but there are still people that leave it until the week before! Some even Christmas Eve! Do these people live under a rock? Do they not get the memo about when Christmas shopping should start and finish? I guess it goes in their spam folder. It would explain why the week before Christmas the shops are just a complete no go zone. Every shop is full! Even the sex shop! With people buying elvish sex toys and sexy Santa outfits! Nah I’m joking, although it wouldn’t surprise me!

What frustrates me most is that people completely over look Halloween. It’s like it doesn’t exist. I know that here in the UK we’re not the biggest celebrators of it. Still that’s no excuse to just boycott it completely. Here though it does have this weird stigma attached to it. It’s seen more as thing to be wary of, as opposed to celebrating. Having strangers knock on your door asking for sweets or money has been described here as a form of ‘begging. And if you don’t comply, the next thing you’re doing is cleaning eggs from the windows or the front door. That I get. It’s just pathetic throwing eggs at someone’s house. It’s not funny and more importantly it’s the waste of good eggs. I just don’t understand what pleasure someone can get out of that. Imagine if that was you’re Grandmother or elderly relative. How would you feel when a group of teenagers pelts her window with eggs? Knowing she is on her own petrified. You would want to find the shits and give them what for.

Sorry went a little dark there. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me when I’m quite passionate. But yeah as I was saying, Halloween doesn’t seem to be respected over here. Maybe it’s got better over the years I don’t know. All I’m saying is that Halloween is awesome! I don’t mind the trick and treaters. I can see why at night people are more hesitant at opening their doors. It’s dark and you have no idea who you’re opening the door too. That alone is scary. And what doesn’t help is the stored knowledge of horror films lodged deep in my brain. There to warn me not to do silly things. But it’s fine. I’m still alive so I got to be doing something right eh? I know that recently people put up Halloween decorations outside their house. This is cool because it’s sort of a ‘We dig Halloween, you can knock here’ etc. If you see a house with no decorations you’re better off just leaving it and moving on to the next one.

Now I’m going to throw a little something in to the mix. Yeah okay you might not like opening your door to trick or treaters. But think of them. They have no idea whose door they’re knocking on. For me that’s just as scary. You could be knocking on anyone’s door. You have no idea what crazy person could be living there.  It’s even in the film Trick r’ Treat, which is amazing! And one of the best Halloween themed horror films I’ve seen. And yes that includes the famous Halloween films. At the end of the day Halloween is just a guy in a mask, stalking people until he kills them violently. How many times has that been done? It’s not scary. Yeah there is the odd ‘jumpy’ scene but not much more than that. Trick r’ Treat has a brilliant story and keeps you guessing throughout the entire film. I demand you watch it if you haven’t already. And when I demand something no one ever listens so yeah just watch it when you feel like it, okay?

Myself and a good buddy, for quite some time now have a long standing tradition when it comes to Halloween. We make a point of getting together to watch god awful horror films. Just for the sheer fun of it. I think at first we were serious about watching decent horrors, but they were never decent. We always ended up taking the piss out of them. So the idea of watching bad horror films became far more appealing. Just because sometimes these films don’t get the attention they deserve. In that you come watch a film so bad, that it’s good! Weird, but it does happen. Not a lot. They tend to be piles of shit. Where we even question how the hell they got funding to make it in the first place? I’m tempted to even make a horror film if funding just gets handed out that easily! My horror film would be about a guy who likes to dress up as women, and then hit on straight men in bars. Now that is scary!

While you’re thinking on that, it’s time for me to leave. Catch you guys next week!


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