There is just no time anymore..

It feels like it’s been ages since I last wrote a blog post, or is time just going really quick? Maybe it’s a bit of both. The week just flies by now. It never used to. When Sunday evening comes I used to dread going back in to work Monday, knowing I would have to survive another 5 days until the next weekend. But recently it hasn’t bothered me at all. Because I know for a fact the weekend will come just as quick as the week started. Like Wednesday is normally known as `hump day’. The middle of the week where you’re so close to Friday, but just not that close enough. But for me there is no hump anymore. It’s gone. The road to the weekend is now a clear path through. Which is great but also kind of annoying, because it’s that vicious circle of you knowing it’s only two days before your back in work again. Two days is hardly any time at all. What do you do in them two days? Do you catch up on TV, have a Netflix day or watch films? Do you choose to spend it dying with a hangover? Do you go see your parents who you haven’t seen in a while? Do you take a day trip away somewhere, maybe to the beach if it’s nice weather? The choices are endless. But there is certainly no time in the world to do them all. Of course this only applies to people that work a Monday to Friday job. For those that work weekends I apologise. This must be like a slap in the face to you.

If you’re like me and have a house or flat, there is even less time to do the things you want (Unless you don’t care about cleanliness, having clean and ironed clothes, not eating etc then you guys are fine) Chores. I hate everything about them. More so because I never used to have to do them, and now I do but that’s not really the point. The point is the time it takes to do them. There is none! Well there is. But it’s my time. I’ve worked all week and the last thing I want to be doing at the weekend is chores. Even the word Chores is a chore to say. They just take up so much time. And don’t even get me started on shopping. I hate it. Me and my girlfriend go shopping, and it’s just an awful experience every time. It always ends in us arguing. And me saying `that’s the last time I’m going shopping with you’ I never stick to it, but when I say it I do really mean it. But then I feel guilty and go shopping again. We even tried online shopping a few times, but we still ended up arguing. I kept putting things in the virtual trolley but she noticed them and deleted them. But it’s not just the pointless arguing though that annoys me with shopping. It’s driving there, finding a space, remembering the bags, finding a trolley without a dodgy wheel, forgetting the shopping list, putting up with kids screaming `BUT I WANT A LOLLY’, me then wanting a lolly, having shopping trollies rammed in to my ankles, having to queue at the till, forgetting the bread, having to run to get the bread….need I say more?

I’m sure some genius somewhere has worked out how many hours in our life time we spend doing chores. I’ve seen them before and they are just ridiculous. I’ve read things like ‘Humans spend 2 years in there lifespan wiping their bum’ Well who gives a sh…..whoa nearly fell in to a pun there. Sorry about that. Seriously who cares though? It’s not like you can claim the time back. I don’t understand what this is meant to achieve. Is it meant to scare us in to thinking we’re wasting time doing chores? These things need to be done. With some things yeah there are alternatives. A washing machine for example, as opposed to washing clothes by hand. That’s as far as it goes with that. You can’t speed that process up anymore. Unless you get someone else to do it. Brushing your teeth still takes two minutes, regardless if it’s manual or electric. Are they expecting people to spend less time brushing their teeth? Or stop brushing them all because it’s going to give them an extra year in time? It’s just ludicrous. Knowing how long it takes out my life doing something does not make feel better at all. It just makes me angry. Angry at how some knob got paid to work out how much time one has shit in their lifespan, or picks their nose, or been in an elevator. I think I’m gonna work on a statistic of my own and send it in to the newspaper. It would be, how long in my lifespan that I’ve spent thinking the newspaper is a pile of shit, pretty good right?

That’s all from me guys and gals, catch you next week!


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