Time Lapse (2014)

What would you do if you could see the future? I’m not talking like 5 years ahead, but just 24 hours? Well that was the burning question in the latest film I watched called Time Lapse. This was a low budget but high concept that film that someone had suggested on Reddit. So naturally I and a mate decided to check it out. Recently we’ve seen some gems on Netflix. Films that you wouldn’t normally watch because it had no one in you knew or it just looked rubbish from the trailer, or it was old etc. We’re all guilty of it. Literally judging a book by its cover. But only this time it’s a film, and you’re going by the picture, or purely because a friend told you it was shit. Well now is the time to change. Now, more than ever, high quality films are being released on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and hell even on Youtube. I’ve seen some amazing short horror films on there, most of them better than the full length tripe we get at the cinema. It just goes to show that you don’t need millions to make a decent film. Your imagination is the only limit. We’ve all seen big money blockbusters tank at the box office, because all the money in the world cannot hide poor dialogue, bad acting and a terrible plot. If you’ve got a basic equipment, but more importantly an excellent, interesting story. Then your film has the chance to do extremely well on Social Media and the independent scene.

All of that is exactly why Time Lapse is probably one of the best ‘time travel’ films I’ve seen in a long time. Yet, strictly speaking, it doesn’t actually involve time travel. But it could have done, and that’s the most interesting part. So three friends are joint owners of a housing estate. They manage all the housing, repairs and the rent etc. One of the residents has stopped paying rent, and they haven’t seen him around, so naturally they start wondering whether he is okay or not. One of them goes over to check, and surprise, he’s not there. But she does find something interesting. A very large, complex looking camera, pointed directly at their window across the park. On the wall behind the camera is a wall full top to bottom of Polaroid pictures, of them together in the living room, going about their daily lives. But they soon start to realise that the camera is not taking pictures of them in that moment, it’s taking pictures of them 24 hours in advance. The camera is showing them the future. And this is where it starts getting a little complex. Because the camera has taken that picture, that means they have already done what the picture shows. But now because they have seen the picture, they now have to make sure they are there when the camera goes off, otherwise they could change the future for everyone. Which in turn would make the world implode…..probably.

Just kidding. Still following though? Good. It really took me a while to get my head round it. So with this camera, they decided to use it to their advantage. Well, why wouldn’t you? One of them is a keen gambler on the dogs, so he uses it to win big, every single time. Because the camera is telling them what to bet on prior before it happening. Genius. Naturally however things start taking a turn for the worse, and it gets really out of control. The camera starts to show pictures of things that they really wish they hadn’t seen. Which is awesome because then film just kicks in to fifth gear right through to the end, throwing all kinds of twists and turns at you. Honestly you have to see this film. I’ll be honest the acting didn’t start out great but it got a lot better, especially when the camera comes in to play. From there on in I was just transfixed. Confused and amazed all at the same time. It’s different, and quirky, but for me that just adds to the charm. This is a film I normally would have avoided, just for whatever reasons. But it shows if you give a film a chance just based on plot, then you’re going to come across some hidden gems. There will be some plop too. It’s unavoidable. I watched one last week on Netflix, The House of the Devil. God it was awful. I loved the 80’s theme and style but it just focused way more on that than anything else. But I didn’t give up, I powered through and at the very least I can say I have seen it. For me now, I would rather watch a film and it be crap, than miss a film that could have been awesome. You don’t know until you watch it. So get your ass on Netflix, and start watching some kick ass “unknown” films now. You heard me.

Oh and if you come across some of your own, or have any recommendations, by all means tweet me. If I haven’t seen them, I will watch them and then blog with my thoughts. Now that’s awesome right?

Catch you guys next week!


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