Happy New Year and all that…

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2016 is finally here. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning how 2015 whizzed past. It’s actually quite depressing. We’re all aware now that time is going fast. Every year comes and goes as quickly as the year before ended. Nothing can be done about it. It comes down to how you’re using that time. And whether you’re making the most of it. Previous years I have looked back and thought to myself “What did I actually do?” Well it’s safe to say that 2015 was not a wasted year for me. I finally shed the laziness and started doing something with my life. I started this blog last January, and I  love it. Finally a creative release for my crazy mind. The best thing about it all though is having made new friends. The blogging community is fantastic. There is no competition. Everyone shares tips and advice from all over the world. That’s what makes it enjoyable. Starting out as a novice, I had no idea what I was doing. But eventually I found my feet, through the help and support of friends and the blogging world. And now I’m here. A year later. And more determined than ever to make 2016 a great year for blogging.

That wasn’t all that I did in 2015 though. I also started a podcast, with my good friend, and fellow crazy person Dan. And that’s been such a good laugh. Unleashing our inner child-ness on to those who are brave enough to listen. Again it’s been a huge learning curve, but also one that we’ve relished. We’ve had great guests on the show, and we’re hoping that it carries on into this year. So yeah. 2015 was actually quite successful for me. Makes a change. Anyway. That’s enough about my past year. It’s all about moving forward! I haven’t got any new year’s resolutions as such. One of the main ones is to definitely invest in finding a new job. I don’t hate the job I’ve got now. I’ve just got nothing left to achieve there. And I feel that an ideal job for me would be something involving creativity. Maybe a little problem solving too (Yes okay, I want to be Sherlock Holmes). I just need to get myself in a habit of actually looking for a job. I’ll have days where I will look for a couple of hours, but then it will weeks before I look again. Life does get in the way, but looking everyday won’t exactly take a lot of time up. And if I can stick to a weekly blog and podcast, then surely I can do this too. In theory.

Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? I was naughty and still managed to get presents, get in! I got contacts you see. It’s who you know after all. Nah I’m kidding. I’m a good boy really. I would say that I pretty easy to buy for. The quickest way to my heart (and then stomach) is beer. All my friends and family know it. You can never have enough beer after all. I haven’t actually counted how much I have. But as a rough estimate I have around 25-30 bottles. And two mini kegs, which hold about 10 pints each. So yeah. That’s a lot of beer. It should do me for a while. I normally re-stock when I’m down to about 10 bottles. But this time I’m going to wait until I am out completely. More so because, a) I’m trying to save money and b) I’m trying to get fitter. I’m not like huge or anything. But there is no avoiding putting on weight over Christmas. If you didn’t put on weight, then quite frankly you didn’t have a good Christmas. I ate and drank so much. Everyone does though, right? It’s what Christmas is all about. Getting fat and being merry! Then January everyone goes on a rapid diet to try lose all the Christmas weight, without fail. Gym companies must love January!

One of the other presents I got was a FitBit Flex. This nifty little gadget is the latest must-have for the fitness conscious of us out there. It’s a tiny little device that fits into a wristband. So you wear it like a watch. It monitors how many steps you walk, calories burned and distance travelled. But it can also track how long, and well, you sleep. The smartphone app that comes with it allows you to add food and exercise. So in all you have one complete fitness tracker, and it’s brilliant. For a start I’ve realised how little walking I actually do. The tracker recommends that you walk around 10,000 steps a day. Now that seems like a lot. And that’s because it is. Its 5 miles! It wants me to walk 5 miles in one day! I don’t think I even walk 5 miles in a week. My job is office based you see. So there is little walking, and plenty of sitting. If it told me to sit on my ass for 7 hours a day well then I would be laughing. Sadly it doesn’t. So I’m making a conscious effort to walk more. Running to the lift instead of walking to it etc. Every little helps!

Well that’s it from me. Catch you guys and gals next week!


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