2016 Superhero Movies: Part 1

22 days and 12 hours remaining until the big day. Oh don’t get your hopes up. It’s not the day I start a new job, or get married or anything. It’s much more important. It’s the day that me and quite a lot of people have been waiting for (patiently might I add). Can you guess what it is? Oh no don’t bother. I’ll just tell you. It’s the day that……..drumroll please……..DEADPOOL IS RELEASED IN CINEMA AND I CRY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!

I’m not even joking about the crying. It could happen. As you know, I am a huge Deadpool fan. I’ve mentioned a few times how they ruined the character in Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Actually it could be more than a few times. It was after all a BIG deal. I’ll never forget it. It’s lodged deep in the brain, in the areas that are very hard to erase. It’s down there with the fat kid miming that Numa Numa song and two girls and one cup. Eurgh that just gives me the shivers even typing it. Needless to say I have high hopes for this film. Ryan Reynolds is so passionate about the character. It’s taken him 10 years to finally get Deadpool on the big screen. And more importantly, in the right way. Swearing, and lots of violence. It’s what it should be. What it needs to be. This character is so beloved in the Marvel Universe that he deserves a proper showing. Yeah you have all the Avengers and X-Men and your Batman’s etc. But none of them are like Deadpool. He’s one of a kind. And I just pray that the film does well, financially and critically. Ryan deserves it after all. Because he is a fan, just like us. Without his dedication to the character, this film wouldn’t have happened. Simple as. So a huge thank you to Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson/Deadpool. As you’re all the same person after all.

If Deadpool wasn’t enough to wet your superhero appetite this year then fear not. After that comes the biggest showdown in DC Comics History. Batman V Superman. But I’m mixed on this film. Part of me is really looking forward it, but then another part of me is dreading it. Because in essence it’s basically Batman V Superman & Friends. It all feels too rushed. DC are just trying to cash in on Marvels huge success with Avengers. But they’re going about it all wrong. They should have started the build up to Justice League a long time ago. Where were they when the first Iron Man came out, or Thor, or Captain America? Oh that’s right, they were in the middle of the awesome Christopher Nolan Batman series. Why didn’t they start this back then? Give the Justice League characters their stories, before they team up? Not just dump them in for a cameo in a Batman/Superman film. It’s cheap. Not to mention The Dark Knight Rises only came out 4 years ago. Okay. It wasn’t the best Batman film out of the series. But it certainly capped off (no pun intended) what was an awesome trilogy. And now, 4 years later, we’re getting another Batman. It feels too familiar, I wonder why? Oh yeah…Spiderman….I’m not going there.

Actually I am going there. Because Spiderman features in the next superhero film on the list. Don’t worry it’s not another reboot. He’s going to be in Captain America: Civil War! But hold on, isn’t Spiderman owned by Sony I hear you say. And in response to that yes he was. Unless you were living under a rock at the time, you should know that Marvel and Sony become best buddies. In doing so they hashed out a deal to bring Spiderman home. Back to the Marvel cinematic universe where he belongs. I don’t know about you but I was already crazy-super-excited for this film. And that’s before Spiderman was ever going to be in it. So now I’m just like OMFG SPIDERMAN IS GOING TO BE IN THE SAME MOVIE AS IRON MAN AND CAPTAIN AMERCIA! And even better is the fact that Peter Parker is already Spiderman in the movie. He’s been out doing his web-slinging, saving lives thang for a while. SO we won’t have to sit through Uncle Ben being killed for like the millionth time. Which is definitely a hip-hip-hooray moment in my eyes. Anyone care to join me? Anyway yeah back to Captain American. I friggin’ loved Winter Solider. Actually no J’adore Winter Soldier sounds better. Because everything sounds better in French. The difference between the first and second Captain America’s is just unbelievable.  The first one is near borderline watching paint dry worthy when compared to the second one. And this film feels like an avenger’s mini reunion, without Thor & Hulk of course. It’s going to be epic, and I don’t throw that word out there often.

Wow I didn’t realise this blog would be so long. I’m only on 3 out of the 7, that’s right 7, Superhero films out this year. It’s going to have to be a two-parter I’m afraid, maybe even 3. You will just have to come back next week and find out!

In the meantime, stay safe, and be good to one another and I’ll catch you all soon!




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