Daniel Bryan…enough said.

Not sure how many of you watch wrestling. But I have to start about Daniel Bryan and his recent retirement. This really sucks. Like deep. It actually hurts. Daniel Bryan was a massive talent and a superb wrestler. He was charasmatic, passionate, energetic, determined and really one-of-a-kind. A guy who loved nothing better than to wrestle. He put everything in being the best wrestler on the planet. And for a long time he was. He wrestled for 16 years. And rose up the ranks from the indie scene to main eventing wrestlemania in front of 70,000 fans. I mean, that’s just incredible. He started off wrestling in bingo halls and gyms, for maybe an audience of 200 people max. Of course, everyone has the fairytale dream of being in the WWE. But for most it’s exactly that. A dream. Very few people make it. That’s just the way it is in wrestling. You either have it or you don’t. More people will fail than succeed. And no-one predicted anything big for Daniel Bryan. This all came down to his size. He’s not the biggest guy. He’s under 6ft. Those that read dirt-sheet websites will know about the backstage happenings in the WWE. And by WWE I mean Vince McMahon. He’s the big bad boss, and what he says is final. Everything goes through him. And for some reason he’s always had a thing against smaller wrestlers. They just don’t fit in with his WWE model. It’s just bizarre. Especially when you think of the likes of Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio. All these guys are small, yet eventually became champions of somekind.

Anyway I’m rambling. Daniel Bryan had the same problem. He was super-over with the fans, yet Vince and co continued to ignore his popularity. This angered the fans so much, and just made Daniel even more over. From the beginning of Raw to the end, Daniel’s name would be chanted. Then came the YES! chants, and this just catapaulted his status to near god-like level. He was untouchable, but yet always remained humbled and grounded. He didn’t care too much for the story lines and where his character was going. He just wanted to wrestle. And this is why he was so loved. He didn’t bitch or moan, complain to the writers or Vince. He just kept plodding along. So the fans decided to bitch and moan for him. And it actually worked. The fans moaned so a lot. Threatening to cancel the WWE Network and chanting Daniel Bryan’s name throughout most segments. Vince finally caved in. Storylines were changed quite rapidly to allow for Daniel Bryan to main event Wrestlemania. The original plan was for Batista to win the championship. Yet he was booked so badly the fans rebeled against it. Finally, after years of battling, Daniel Bryan finally became Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But then things started to go down hill quickly. His dad passed away and then he got injured. He had no feeling in his left arm. Doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with him. He had an operation but it didn’t work. He was doing yoga, physiotherapy, everything to try get the feeling back. There was even talks of more surgery to fix it. It got to the point where he was out for a long time. And WWE needed the belt to be defended for business purposes. They had a show to run and tickets to sell, and they couldn’t have a champion who couldn’t compete. So the decison was made to have Daniel Bryan relinquish the championship. It was very sad. Just rotten luck after everything he had been through to only then have to drop the titles to injury. No one was more angry than himself. He hated it. He was being told he couldn’t wrestle. He might as well have been told he couldn’t breathe. That’s how much wrestling meant to him. Daniel eventually came back for another spell and won the Intercontential Championship. But again, the injury problem returned, and he had to retire the belt for a second time due to injury. I think at this point everyone knew that he wouldn’t be given another chance to wrestle. More so because of his injuries. Even though he was cleared by many doctors, WWE were reluctant to let him back in. And, as it turns out for good reason.

Daniel announced on Monday that he was retiring due to Medical Reasons. I didn’t want to believe it. I had it in my head that it was all one big work, but it picked up so much traction that it became too big to be a work. It was true. On Raw he came out and immediately tears started to show. He was upset. The crowd were so loud, the loudest he’s ever had. It was difficult to watch a wrestler who’s only just reached his prime, retiring due to his injuries. He said it was down to a brain scan that suggested things weren’t okay. He cited the number of concussions he’s had since he started wrestling. And this is where I have to praise WWE for sticking by their guns. They are so hot on concussions and are super strict in how they deal with them. The tests protect the wrestlers from doing any further damage. Only when they’re cleared by WWE Doctors can they wrestle again. Sadly, for the fans, Daniel was told he couldn’t wrestle again. He said himself that he needs to think about the future. He wants to have kids. Raise a family and to help people around the world. He can’t do any of that if he was to get injured again. He’s doing the right thing in retiring. It just really sucks. Shit. I only thought this was going to be a little segment! My bad. If you don’t like wrestling then….WHY THE HELL NOT, WRESTLING IS AWESOME HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE IT! Sorry my sub-concious took over there. He get’s a bit ratty when people don’t watch wrestling.

So yeah, I’m gonna leave it there I think. At the very least I’ve gave you a short bio of a great wrestler, can’t be that bad, can it?

Catch you guys and gals next week!


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