Deadpool and other random bits..

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Deadpool fans around the world now have a Deadpool movie to be proud of. After all those painful years of Deadpool being in development hell. Ryan Reynolds set to star, then not, then whatever. The Deadpool movie is finally here. And it’s so f%#king good. Better than good. Put all the words better than good in a bowl, mash them up, and then you’ll get the word that describes this film. I think you have to see it twice. Not just because it’s awesome. The first time watching it I missed lines because everyone was laughing so hard. I know a second viewing would reveal more jokes. So in a way it has layers. A humour onion if you will. So for that reason alone, definitely go see it more than once. You won’t regret it.

Now I thought about doing a review of the film. But there isn’t any point. The Deadpool hype is super strong right now. Everyone knows how good it is and how much of a success it is and the records it’s broken. I would only be wasting your time. If you haven’t seen it, just get your ass to the nearest cinema like right now. Right, no more Deadpool talk. Because there can always be too much of a good thing. The only downside though is that I’m kinda out of ideas of what else to talk about. Shit. Any ideas? The weather! Yes, thank you brain. Wait what? Is that seriously the best you can come up with? Sorry guys, brain doesn’t seem to be playing ball tonight. For some reason he thinks that the weather is good blog talk. Although thinking about it, it would make for a riveting read. If I just blogged about the weather and how it made me feel. Let me give it a go…*looks out the window*…

Well it’s 10:27pm here, and it’s mostly pitch black outside. Not really much “weather” happening. Looks very tranquil and mild. It makes me feel like I would rather be inside than out there. Because in here I have Netflix and outside is nothing but darkness and the odd gust of wind. There. How was that? Think that’s an idea for a winning blog? Hell no! I would rather watch someone watching someone watch paint dry. Actually looking out the window just then reminded me of something. The alleyway next to my house would be great for a horror movie. It’s perfect. In most good horror films, you get them scenes at night. With the pitch black surroundings and a lonely street light. It looks EXACTLY like that. Especially from the window. If I was to look out again and see someone standing there, like a creepy clown or the slender man, I wouldn’t scream. I would actually applaud them. For picking an awesome location. Then I would scream like a little girl.

Talking of clowns, have you seen the clown pranks on Youtube? They’re awesome from a horror aspect but they’re so harsh. I don’t really think you can call them “pranks”. A prank to me is gluing a coin to the ground and watching people trying to pick it up. Or sneaking a whoopee cushion underneath something and laughing when someone sits on it. These are pranks. Harmless good fun. Yet over the years they’ve escalated and escalated. To the point now where someone dresses up in a shit scary clown costume and chases you with a chainsaw. Where’s the fun in that? Sure it gets millions of views and stuff but there has to be a cut-off point somewhere. How far are they going to go? I watch them and can only imagine the fear that person must be going through. If that happened to me, I don’t think I would find it funny. You can’t scare me half to death and then expect me to laugh it off. This stuff could seriously mess people up. And another thing, how do you know when to stop? And this is more for the person doing the prank. What if they pranked the wrong person? Someone might have a weapon. They’re expecting people to run, but what if someone just stood tall and fights back. Then what?

It’s like these horror mazes at theme parks. You know the ones where you walk through some old dingy house or hospital ward and staff dressed up jump out on you. You get told beforehand that you will be touched. But again, the question I have is how far do you let it go before it’s too much? What’s stopping someone going that little bit further? In that setting your brain is telling you that everything around you is staged. But if you were in there with your friends, and one of them got taken away, would you question it? Or think it’s part of the show? I’m sure I’ve seen it in a film somewhere. It just rings a bell. If not then boom, another idea for a horror movie! I seriously have so many ideas….should really do something about that…

Until next time!


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