I Finally Have a PS4!

I’ve got some great news people. I have finally joined the next-gen era and purchased a PS4! I’m so happy. Yeah I’m a year and half late to the party, but it seems I’ve got one at the best time. There are so many good games right now. At first it was slim pickings with the both consoles. I guess it always is when a console is first released. It takes a couple of years before they really start to hit the ground running. It happened with the previous consoles. I didn’t get a PS3 until two years after it came about. I don’t see the need in rushing. For one the console is always over-priced (especially XBOX) and there is never a huge amount of launch games. It’s the like the best party of the year, but none of your friends are there. You have to wait til they all turn up, and in case it’s the super AAA games. They come eventually. It’s worth noting though that the PS3, an amazing console, sadly peaked right at the end of its run. With the The Last of Us, being ironically the last game that truly showed what the machine was capable of. There was others too, GTA 5 and Bioshock Infinite. Both stunning games, both in story and graphics. At the time it was hard to imagine how they could take that any further. But boy did my doubts get squashed when I saw what the PS4 can do! Still early days. But so far it’s an amazing console. I’ve only played two games and I’m in love with it. I just hope they don’t take another 6 years to truly make use of what the machine can do. If the power is there, then show us. Don’t hold back. We spend a lot of money on this stuff. I expect to see games wow me in the very near future, just like The Last of Us did. Because that wasn’t a game, that was an experience. It was a playable movie. I was invested from start to finish. That, above all else, is what a game should accomplish. To get the viewer hooked in to the story. Yeah graphics are important to some degree, but for me a story is much more important.

Games are not games anymore. They’re no longer pick up and play (apart from the ones that are, like fighters etc) they’re rich with dialogue, motion captured, directed, composed. All the elements of making a movie now go in to a game. Even the game trailers you see on the TV come across as movie trailers. It’s selling that experience. This is a movie, but you PLAY it. The first time I played Final Fantasy X on the PS2 I thought the graphics were shit. I’m the first to admit that back then I was more a “graphics” guy than gameplay. I gave up on the game and but then for some reason decided to give it another go. I’m so glad I did. Eventually I saw past the graphics, and noticed the games beauty. The beatifically crafted cut scenes, the amazing game play and then the cherry on icing, the story. I was so engrossed. More than I’ve probably ever been at that time in games. I played the game literally non-stop. My parents didn’t see me for a week. They probably would have phoned someone if I hadn’t gone down to eat or drink. But I was in awe. And since then, I’ve never looked back. I will always give a game a chance now, regardless of graphics. You just never know what you could miss.

This is why I love Playstation Plus. For just £40 a year, you get loads of free games, huge discounts and more. It’s just a no brainer. And the games can be amazing. Just take Rocket League for example. A PSN title, which is just a simple football game, but with cars instead. And it’s taken the world by storm! It’s such good fun. Especially playing it with all your mates. There’s actually going to be a physical copy of the game too, which highlights how well the game has done. Then there is Jackbox TV. A collection games where you use your smartphone to play! Amazing. Seeing as now like most people have a smart phone, it is genius. You log in to the games website, enter the room code then bam your away. You can have up to 8 players at once in a single game. One of the best games is Fibbage. This is where a question comes up on screen, and the players have to enter a convincing lie to fool other players. You then have to find the truth. If you click on a lie, whoever’s lie it was gets bonus points. It’s really hard! Especially when there are good liars in the room. I’m rubbish at lying but even I have managed to fool people with my answer. I definitely recommend it.


What games are you looking forward to this year? For me it has to be Uncharted 4. The series on the PS3 was awesome! I can’t wait to sink my teeth in to this game. Not literally (unless it tastes nice) I know it’s been delayed a few times but who cares? The most important thing is that will be coming soon. There is also DOOM! How amazing does that look? I’m a big fan of the original. And it looks like they’ve just taken the original and pumped it full of next-gen drugs and new enemy designs. That’s all I need! I love a good campaign mode, which sadly has been lacking on games recently. Especially Star Wars Battlefront. You’re just missing out on a huge market of people who don’t like to play online. I’m one of them. I’ll play some games. But campaign is where its at. Online gets very repetitive. Especially for me because I die like every two seconds. I’m not the best so I just stay clear. Let the pro’s do their thing.

Well time for me to do one. Peace and love homies!


Oh just before I go make sure you check out @jessica_16 and her blog https://journeyswithjessica.wordpress.com/. She’s very funny and the blog is awesome! So what you waiting for? Go go go!




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