Hardcore Henry (2015)

I just got in from watching The Jungle Book. One word. Wow. But that’s a post for another time. I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been pretty shit this year with new posts. Most of it does come down to general life. And it’s not like I haven’t got any excuses. I’ve started a new job. Which is going great. And on top of the blog and Podcast, I’ve started a YouTube gaming channel with another mate of mine. So naturally I’m going to lose track of things here and there. But boy I have come a long way. 2 years ago I was doing nothing. Now it seems I’m doing everything. Okay not quite that much. But you can see where I’m coming from. It’s great though and I’m loving every minute of it. I just find it fun and they’re things I do anyway. So I’m not making myself any busier. With the blog I would always jot things down here and there. Just never posted it online. Same with the podcast. Me and Dan hang out all the time. Chatting about games and random shit. So why not just record us doing it. And again with the YouTube channel. Me and my mate Joe have been playing games for the past 11 years together. Badly but we at least try. Regardless of our success we’ve always laughed our asses off. So it just made sense to start recording that too. Everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. That’s the beauty of the internet. It’s easier, now more than ever, to share what you’re doing. There are social media apps even I don’t know the name of (and I’m fairly down with the tech scene….I think) some say they are good, some say they are bad. At the end of the day, who cares? If you don’t like it, don’t download it and use it. Simple. Don’t hate on the people that do use it, because that’s just pathetic. Keep your thoughts too yourself. If they’re not nice then don’t say them at all.

I always end up ranting. Maybe it’s just my nature. Actually it’s more that people just really frustrate me. But the only difference is I keep my frustrations to myself. Just easier that way. No one gets hurt. Unless you really piss me off, then I will say something. Anyway. Moving on. Let’s get in to the main point of this post. Hardcore Henry. A film entirely shot in First Person View. Exactly like a FPS video game. Never been done before (to my limited knowledge, please tell me otherwise) and it’s slightly ironic that because of that, this film both works and then kinda doesn’t work. As always, I try my upmost best to not mention any spoilers. But some may just accidently slip out. So be careful. Oh and this is not a review as such. Because then I have to be civil and look it at from both sides. That’s boring. This is purely just my thoughts on the film. They’re not to be taken at face value. Or any value for that matter (although brownies are always accepted). So yeah. Hardcore Henry. It’s basically about a man, called Henry, who goes Hardcore. That’s it. I’m joking of course. There’s a lot more to it than that. Henry (basically us, the audience) wakes up in a weird tube like chamber. He’s then graced by a Jennifer Lawrence look-a-like who asks him if he remembers what happened. The camera shakes side to side. Surprise, no he doesn’t. Not Jennifer Lawrence chick then goes on to tell him that he was in an accident and that she’s his wife. This happens whilst machines give Henry a robot arm and leg. Pretty cool, right? Or does it sound like an intro to a weird porno? Or is that just me?

Anyway fast forwarding to a scene where Henry is nearly given a voice. But then it’s sadly stopped by the introduction of the baddie. A blonde/emo looking fellow who has powers? That’s a question for a reason. I’ll come back to that. So the X-Men reject wants Henry. And no not in that way. He kills a couple of dudes, just cause, and Henry and the girl escape. Oh that’s right, I forgot to tell you they were on a freakin’ massive plane thing of some sorts. Again. Just cause. Henry lives. Because he’s a robot. The girl gets taken away. Sharlto Copley intervenes and tells him the baddies master plan and that Henry can help him to stop it. Basically from here, it’s all out balls to the wall action. And that’s when Hardcore Henry really shines. We’ve been spoiled with action films recently. The Raid and John Wick etc. So it’s very refreshing to see the violence and blood shed from an entirely different perspective. It really does put you right there in the action. And that’s exactly what a film should do. When a character jumps for cover and shoots blindly. It’s awesome seeing that face on. A massive well done to the guys behind the scenes. Can only imagine how much of a nightmare practically this would have been to film. It makes sense why the character wasn’t given a voice. It would have made things even more complicated. And there’s not actually much time for talking. Seriously most of this film is shooting and people being killed. Talking would have ruined it. And no one wants to hear a man groan or grunt while he’s been a shot at. I can watch male tennis for that. Not that I would. So it was a good call. There are downsides though. Only a couple. It’s sometimes hard to see what actually is going on because of the camera angle. But having said that it was nowhere near as bad as I initially thought it would be. I was going to avoid it at the cinema purely because of the camera motion. Looked far too much moving around from the trailer. I’ve had my fair share of that from Taken 3 and the ridiculous amount of camera movement in that. The other downside is the story. But to be honest, with a film like this, who needs a story? Yeah the baddie has powers, why? No one knows but fuck it why the hell not? Nothing is fully explained and the ending was a bit predictable. But you’re not going to watch this expecting Shakespeare. You’ll watch it because it’s different, super cool and amazing fun. A great popcorn movie. And there you have it. Hardcore Henry is definitely worth a watch.

And on that note it’s time for me to get some hardcore sleep. Don’t ask how. I don’t know myself….catch you guys next week!


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