Mad weather and all that

For those of you that don’t live in the UK, you’re lucky. Because right now we’re just having the weirdest of weather. It’s snowing, raining, sunny, sleety, cold and warm etc. It’s so bizarre. Yesterday I left work in bright sun. Even had to put my shades on it was that bright. And half way on my journey home it instantly turned dark, cloudy and snow started falling. WTF? It was like I drove through some shitty weather portal or something. It happened instantly. Very weird. And this has been happening for the last few weeks. It’s a moral dilemma deciding what to wear. Because you have to plan for all weathers. So you end up wearing a very odd combination of clothing. Shorts with a massive coat on. Just in case it’s warm on the legs but only the top half will get wet? I dunno. Haven’t tried it yet. What I hate is looking outside and seeing the sun, calling to me, saying “hey, look at me, come outside its really warm” and yet when I step outside it’s literally like I just stepped out in to the North Pole. Don’t be fooled people. The sun can be deceiving.

Think that’s the first time I’ve ever written about weather. It was the first thing on my mind so that’s probably why. I don’t really plan this blog as such. Movie reviews maybe. But even then I keep my thoughts in my head and they don’t come out until I start typing. Otherwise I’ll question myself too much. It’s like a problem that you may have, which starts at out as one problem. But then you start dissecting that problem, and in doing so, more problems show up. Ones you didn’t think of before. So with a movie review, if I questioned my thoughts too much then I would end up maybe liking the film less and less. I dunno if I’m explaining myself very well. It makes sense to me. Having said that opinions can change on a film over time. I’ve watched countless films where I either initially liked/hated it, only to watch it again years later and have the reverse thought. You could get really deep with that though. Does it depend on where you are in your life, as in physically or mentally when watching it? A film can have strong ties to emotions. I might think one film is brilliant because of a personal reason, and you hate the same film for another reason. It certainly has a huge factor in liking a film. You might like a film for a particular song or because it reminds you of your childhood. It’s why we watch all different genres of film.To evoke a different emotion. Look at me attempting to know what I’m talking about….(I really have no idea)

While I’m on the subject of movies, CIVIL WAR IS OUT IN TWO DAYS. I’m a little bit excited. Me and my friends have had it booked for a while now in IMAX 3D. Really can’t wait. As I’ve said many times, Winter Solider was, and still is, the best Marvel film to date. So I do have very high hopes for Civil War. And there’s no surprise that I’m on Captain America’s side. I agree with his side of the argument. From the trailer, Tony Stark says “We need to be put in check” So based on that alone I think I’m right with my presumption that Captain A thinks they should carry on doing what they’re doing, saving lives etc. Either way it’s going to be an explosive encounter. And let’s not forget, Spiderman is coming home! and by home I mean Marvel. Where he belongs and should have stayed. Because Sony just couldn’t get it right. And Spiderman is a key character in the Civil War storyline so it just makes sense. I’ve read that Tom Holland has been getting good praise for his performance too which is great news. My next post will likely be a Civil War review so make sure you don’t miss that one. And I would love to hear your thoughts on the film. Tweet me or whatever. I’m always around. Here and there. I’m also open to movie suggestions for future posts. I’ll watch anything (within reason) because you never know when you might stumble across a gem! Netflix right now is killing it. There’s a horror on there at the moment called Hush which I’m hearing good things about. Going to check that when I get chance! Plan to have a Netflix day soon and watch loads of films! That’s going to be a good day.


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