Top 5 films of 2016…so far

Hey guys! How you all been? Thought I’d treat you today by doing my first ever countdown post! Exciting, right? I come across these posts nearly every day and I don’t know why I’ve never done one. I’m always going on about movies and lists and top five this and top ten that. And of course there is the famous “Top 5 celebrities I can sleep with” list. Mine changes all the time on that though. I need to do what Ross did in friends and laminate it. Lock it in. But top five is so hard. There are like a billion gorgeous celebrities out there. How the hell am I supposed to narrow that down to 5? It’s literally mission impossible. I’ll try my best though. It certainly won’t be a future post or anything, but I might just sneak it in somewhere. Until then, this countdown is the top five films I’ve seen so far this year. Here goes…

5. No One Lives (2012)


If you’re a fan of Luke Evans from his recent stints in The Hobbit, Fast & Furious 6 and Dracula Untold, you really need to watch this gem. This one seems severely underrated when looking at the scores on IMDB. It was one of Luke’s earlier films before he reached the superstardom heights of now. And for me it’s still his best film to date. Funny thing is I really don’t want to tell you anything about it. Sorry I’m not being mean. But it’s one of them films that even the trailer would spoil it. Trust me on this. You just need to dive straight in to it. No hesitations. I’ll say one thing though. If you love horror/thriller and a great story then this is right up your street. I found it on Sky’s Now TV (which is amazing btw) but I’m sure you can pick it up quite cheap in a local video shop place near you. If you watch it please let me know what you think. I’m dying to talk to someone about it!

4. Zootropolis (2016)


For a Disney film I’ll be honest I didn’t see a whole lot of marketing for this. It could just be me though. I do tend sit under a rock sometimes and hide myself from the internet. That being said. It’s the behemoth that is Disney. And even better a Disney Animation. It’s going to do well regardless. Just look at their recent track history. Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Inside out and of course Frozen. These films were massive success stories. Well you can now add Zootropolis to that elite list. I absolutely loved this film. It has everything you want in a Disney film. Jaw-dropping animation, fantastic cast, really great story etc. I could go on and on. Disney have this formula that never fails to impress. The worlds that get created in these films are incredible. And the level of detail that goes in to every scene still astounds me. But this detail seems to have tripled in Zootropolis. There is so much they can do here. I know they’re not one to rush out sequels, which I respect, but I really want to see more of Zootropolis. The characters are hilarious. And you’ll have fun trying to work out who the voices belong to. Some are really hard. And with every Disney film there is a moral. The one here will probably have some link to your own lives in some way. Which is what makes these films all feel good and warming.

3. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)


I don’t even know where to start on this one. I’m still a little lost for words on this film and I saw it months ago! Actually Jamie Lawson’s song ‘Wasn’t Expecting That” pretty much sums it up. I didn’t expect to be so invested in 3 people stuck in a bunker, with the threat of a widespread chemical attack happening outside. But I was. And there’s obviously more to it than that. But you know me I don’t like giving too much of the story away. The trailer though is amazing. Again didn’t know a great deal about the film (should really renew my empire magazine subscription) and then BAM this trailer shows up. The only audio was a background track…I think. Don’t quote me on that. And yeah the trailer ends on like proper shitty cliffhanger where she’s looking outside the door. But then slowly pops up the film’s title, 10 Cloverfield Lane and I was literally like WHAT! As if I wasn’t already intrigued enough that happens. So then all these questions are being asked. Is it a prequel, sequel or a spin off? I just had to watch it. And I was amazed. On so many levels. The acting is really great. Sometimes bordering uncomfortable. I have a new found respect for John Goodman I’ll tell you that. He was scary good. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is also incredible. Quite easily her best film to date without question. And there’s newcomer John Gallagher Jr. who will definitely be getting more scripts sent his way after his performance. It starts off slow but it doesn’t take long before the situation gets really intense. From that point on I was literally on the edge of my seat. Right until the end. A film hasn’t made me do that in a long time. Which just proves how well directed it was and how the depth of the story kept me so invested. Amazing film.

2. Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Now let’s be honest. Was there anyway this film wasn’t going to be amazing? It has nearly ALL the Avengers in (bar Thor & Hulk) it’s basically Avengers 2.5. I was already excited for a Cap 3 before they announced it was going to be the Civil War story. That just made it 10 times better. The thought of The Avengers fighting each other was super exciting.  I don’t think I need to say a whole lot about why this film is number 2. It speaks for itself. There is just too much cool to write about. I would be here all day. Actually no I better say something. Not that it needs justifying.  The cast that Marvel have brought in the over the years is nothing short of inspired. When watching these films it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing these characters. The chemistry between them all is great to see. They’re all clearly friends off camera. And a special mention to RDJ too. He is outstanding in this. Tony Stark’s character development has been by far the most intriguing. And it takes another twist here. You can tell the writers really like exploring the character. Another stand out for me is Sebastian Stan AKA The Winter Soldier. I’m so glad they kept him around. He’s very quickly become super awesome. And here we get to see more of his past and what happened to him. He is certainly a fan favourite. So much so that a solo Winter Soldier film is now being asked for. This would be amazing! Crap I haven’t even mentioned Spiderman! He’s finally done right! He’s not in it for long but it’s so good to see him finally interact with Iron man and cap and everyone else. Really glad Tom Holland has been getting good praise for it. Amazing film. Can’t wait for Cap 4! If there is one..

1. Deadpool (2016)


 Just had to be right? I’ve already done a post on Deadpool and how goddamn amazingly perfect it is. So I won’t bore you again with all that. Since that the film has broken records left right, and probably centre. It absolutely smashed it. And has quite successfully proved that there IS a market for gory bloody superhero movies (although Daredevil has already proved Marvel can handle just that) It’s one of the reasons Wolverine 3 was just confirmed to be R-Rated (about time). And the famous Batman/Joker comic The Killing Joke has an R-Rated animated movie coming out! This is all thanks to Deadpool. Sorry kids but adults like superheroes just as much as you. In fact probably more. But yet we want grittier, darker movies and we’re finally getting them. The fact that the film has nearly made £800 million worldwide is mind-blowing. And, get this, it’s currently sitting at 162 in IMDB’s top 250 films of all time! No surprise that a Deadpool 2 has been confirmed. And the budget will probably be tripled. I’m so excited for it. But until then I’ll be purchasing Deadpool on Blu-ray very soon! Can’t wait to watch it for a 3rd time and see what the extras are.

Well there you have it. What are your top five films so far? Do you agree/disagree/despise mine? I would love to know! Hit me up on twitter @surrealkevbo




3 thoughts on “Top 5 films of 2016…so far

  1. Haven’t seen Captain America or Deadpool yet but seriously looking forward to it! Gutted I didn’t get to see Deadpool at the cinema but am determined not to let that happen again with Civil War. Great list, feel like I should check the rest of these out!


      1. I’ll definitely have to put them on my list then!

        Oh wow, I actually have to think about this one! Films I watch at home pretty much merge because so I can’t remember if I’ve seen them this year or last year! 😛 Which also means Avengers, Bourne, Die Hard, Harry Potter etc. won’t make the list 😢

        I have been to see five films this year so far.. So:

        5. Dirty Grandpa
        Really enjoyed it actually, I remember I saw that it didn’t have very good reviews but didn’t want to read them as I wanted to make up my own mind. Looked back afterwards and saw that it was because they felt it was ‘crude’… well what did you expect, it’s in the title?! 🙄

        4. The Huntsman
        A friend of mine wanted to see this so I tagged along, again quite enjoyed. I didn’t enjoy the first one so didn’t have any really high expectations but think it was definitely better than the first and I’d watch again.

        3. The Jungle Book
        Another I didn’t particularly go out of my way to see (I wasn’t keen on the animated version), but my 4 year old cousin wanted to go so we went and again, really enjoyed! I don’t know if it was from her reactions, but there were some very humorous bits in there as well for older audiences (nothing bad, just references to propaganda etc.)

        2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
        I don’t know if it’s the fact I’m part Greek/Cypriot but I love these films. I think the second took some time to gain traction but it was funny, heartwarming and family orientated. It made me feel good afterwards so maybe a feel good film?

        1. Batman vs. Superman
        I watched this straight after My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I know it’s gotten some bad reviews for one reason or another, which I can totally understand but in terms of setting the audience up for The Justice League I think they did a pretty good job.

        So those are my five… You asked! Makes me want to see more movies this year actually 😂
        Though I’m impatient for Deadpool to come out – still gutted.


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