Suicide Squad (2016)

Hey guys. How y’all? It feels like ages since I did last my post. Where the hell does the time go? Every time I say I will focus on being consistent with the blog, I slip up. I need someone to shove a rocket up somewhere unpleasant. I would do it myself but I feel like it would be more impactful if someone else did it. Because let’s face it if I can’t post a blog every week then why on earth why I shove up a rocket up my….whoa better keep this PG…..moving on.

Let’s talk Suicide Squad. Let’s be honest. It’s been shit on from a great height all over the place. Is it really that bad? Sadly yes. Before all the reviews I had so much hope for this film. Especially after the turd that was Batman v Superman. I was really hoping Warner Brothers would get their shit together and FINALLY make a decent superhero film (Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy does not count btw) Now there was that rumour going around that re-shoots were done because Warner Brother Execs were not happy with the direction of the film. Well it seems these re-shoots may have done more harm than good. First, there has been a bucket load of marketing for this film. A million trailers, TV spots, posters, billboards etc. They must have spent a fortune. Looking at it now it now it seems way OTT. It’s as if they were worried about the film and knew they had to spend millions making it known to the masses. Well it seems to have had the opposite effect. If you shove loads of content in front of people then eventually they will get bored of seeing it. You need to have some level of excitement. And I don’t know maybe that petered out by the time the film came out?

The critics started it, with early reviews having mixed reactions. More bad than good though. And this is what happened to BvS. I wished that critics were being harsh just for the sake of it. So regrettably I still had high hopes that they were wrong. But then the fan reactions started coming in. And again it was more bad than good. Everyone was saying that it was WORSE than BvS. That was when I started to get worried. BvS was really really bad. I mean just as awful as awful could possibly get. So how could a film be worse than that? Needless to say I was intrigued. But that intrigue turned more in to seeing if the reaction was true, as opposed to it being wrong. Now reactions change over time. I’ve said this many times. And my honest reaction when the credits rolled was that Suicide Squad was better than people had said. But now a week later I honestly can’t say what film is worse, Suicide Squad or BvS. And that’s sad. I should be arguing about which film is better. We all should be, right? These two films, aside from Star Wars 7, were the most anticipated in years. And yet they have been the most disappointing.

I guess if someone held a potato gun to my head I would say that Suicide Squad was better. And I mean this is a very small margin. We’re talking millimetres. And this is only because of Margot Robbie. I was already in love with Margot. That’s easily doubled now, maybe even tripled. She is amazing as Harley Quinn and by far the best thing that Suicide Squad has going for it. Everything else is a mess. It is badly edited, badly directed and the weakest plot of any superhero film ever. As I said earlier re-shoots apparently took place late after production had finished. And that definitely shows. This goes along with the news that there were other problems behind the scenes with editors and what not. It’s all vague and I don’t read too much in to it because you just don’t know if it’s true. But what is true is the final product. And it’s blatantly obvious that Suicide Squad had problems both on and off screen.

Don’t even get me started on Jared Leto’s Joker. Okay I will. It’s been widely published that Jared stayed in Character throughout the entire length of filming. This was to add to his performance and make it all the more believable. He also sent really weird shit to his co-stars. Why? No one knows. Still it hasn’t made any difference to his performance. Maybe we’re all still sore from Heath Ledger’s epic Joker turn many years ago. This Joker just seems like any bog standard crazy person. The only Joker thing about him is the green hair and his love interest Harley Quinn. Other than that he could have been any loon that escaped Arkham Asylum. That being said he is barely on screen. Why include someone as big as the joker and then hardly show him? The flashes of him and Harley are a screen first and super interesting, yet it’s over in a flash. I wanted to see more of that. And it sounds like everyone else did. And this is where the really poor editing takes centre stage. The film is all over the place. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. Will Smith gets all the punchlines (no surprise there) and the rest of the characters just feel like fodder. Deadshot and Harley are the most focused on. Why? It’s supposed to be a squad. Not just two people. Ahh…this film is so bad! And then there’s the really weird villain, which seems nothing more than just CGI overkill.

I think I’ve said enough. It’s no secret that this film is bad. It had so much expectation. All fingers are pointing to Warner Brothers and they don’t really have an excuse. They’re sadly butchering DC characters one by one. Who the hell is going to save them?

Well that’s me done. I’m exhausted! Catch you guys next week.


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