…bubblewrap popping (A writing prompt exersise)

Hey guys! I’m back from my Holiday in mostly Rainy Cornwall. For which I’ll be writing about in my post next week. Until then here is my 3rd Writing Prompt exersise. I did this one a while ago, just forgot to upload it! Enjoy 🙂

[WP] They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. Later that night you hear bubbles popping.

It was around 12am when I first heard the noise. At first I thought it was just my imagination. You know when you feel like you hear something but then it turns out to be nothing. It’s our brains playing tricks on us. Or so they say. I’ve always been sceptic of that statement. There are noises all around us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why would a noise at night suddenly be my imagination? Everything happens for a reason. A sound is a sound. Something is making it. It’s just finding what that something is. Sometimes it’s nothing. It could be a rat or a dripping tap. These are natural sounds. But on this occasion it wasn’t quite as natural. I work night shift in a retail store so I’m used to noises. There’s the heating, air con, machinery, outside wind, vents etc. Most noises are a combination of all of these. This noise was different. And what’s unnerving is that it’s a noise I’m very familiar with. One that almost certainly requires hands to make.

Every night at 10pm the store gets a delivery. On this occasion it just so happened to be 10 mannequins. They’re put on display wearing our latest clothes. People think that I’m crazy working alone surrounded by faceless mannequins. I always tell them that they watch too many horror films. Horror films always make the ordinary somehow terrifying. But in reality it’s totally normal. I know full well that a mannequin is not going to come to life and attack me. It’s why I love working the night shift. It’s good money and there’s not actually that much I need to do. Other than stock checking and taking in the deliveries, my job consists of Netflix and eating pizza. It’s easy money.

Anyway the sound I mentioned earlier. When I first heard it, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Just because the noise was a noise only a human could make. And I was only the person in the store. So I was feeling a little bit on edge. The noise was the sound of bubble wrap popping. I used to remember popping bubble wrap when we moved house. There’s something so satisfying in popping an air pocket and hearing that “POP” sound. It was so satisfying I would spend hours on end doing it. No real reason why. But looking back at it now, you could only pop the bubble wrap buy using both thumbs. There is no other way around it. You needed the right amount of pressure to be able to burst the air pocket inside. As far as I know there is nothing else that could replicate it. At first I thought something may have fallen down on the wrap and that’s what the noise was. But I was wrong. As I got closer to the noise, it became all the more obvious. Someone, or something, was popping the wrap exactly like I would. There was a pop every 3 seconds or less. A lot of things ran through my head. The most obvious one was that was someone was playing a prank on me. But I see everyone leave and the building and then I check all the rooms to make sure no one has left anything behind. The only way round it was that someone could have snuck back in and knew the code for the security alarm. This would be impossible as I only myself and the manager know the alarm and she is currently tanning in the Bahamas. Lucky, for some. It’s safe to say I am quickly running out of logical reasons for the noise. And that’s when my heart starts to beat a little faster. As I’m getting closer the popping is getting louder. And then I freeze. The sound is coming from the delivery room. Which was where I left the mannequin’s 2 hours earlier. And the door was wide open. This was not how I left it.

I always close the door behind me and make sure it’s locked. It’s standard procedure. Valuable items need to be locked away. I’m the only one who has the key for that room. Now I was really starting to panic. I called out, asked if anyone was there, but got no response. Nothing but silence stirred all around me. I stepped a little closer, but I should have just got the hell out of there. But curiosity got the better of me. I approached the room tentatively. I was taking little steps at a time. Just on the off chance something was in that room. I wanted to be ready for an attack, although how ready I would actually be was debateable. I got to the room, slowly, but surely. I stopped just inside the door, and then I froze. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I rubbed my eyes hard, but the image didn’t change. Earlier I put 10 mannequins in this room. Now there were only 9. And then out of nowhere another sound came booming, but this time from behind. It was another familiar noise, one that nearly stopped my heart dead. The sound of a door slamming shut.

What did you guys think? And more importantly, what would you have written? Give it a go, I would love to read them!

I’ll catch you guys next week!



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