…His new Laptop!

Well hello you beautiful people! How the devil you? I always feel like it’s only been a week since I last wrote a post, but it seems to be every two weeks now! Bloody time. I wish it would slow down. Since my last post I decided to treat myself and bought a lovely new laptop. I’ve been without my own for ages. It’s one of the reasons why blogging this year has been hit and miss. And it sucks because last year I was so good at keeping to a schedule. Life does get in the way but I dunno, that drive faded a little. Which sucks again because writing is all I have ever wanted to do. Being without a laptop didn’t help mind, however I could have purchased one a lot sooner. It was last Thursday on a lunch break when I finally thought enough was enough. I needed a kick up the bum and a new laptop seemed a good start in that direction. Only problem was I didn’t know how hard it would be! Years ago I never use to bother with reviews and just bought any old thing. Nowadays I am completely the opposite. I seem to be doing a ton of research on nearly every new electrical item. Why is that? Maybe it’s to do with the fact there is just way too many to choose from. Seriously in Curry’s there was about 40 laptops on show. All with varying sizes and prices. You can’t just walk in like the old days and pick one. Now it’s an actual dilemma. Because we all want to know that what we are buying is actually any good. And also partly because I just hate returning items. It always feels awkward for some reason!

In all I was in the shop for about 2 hours. Comparing laptops against each other. I should have felt like an expert when I left the shop after the amount of PC jargon I had digested. I mean I’m fairly confident in my knowledge of PC’s to know what is good and what’s not. But that doesn’t make it any easier. A new laptop is a long term investment. They’re not like mobile phones where you get a new one everyone two years. So I had to think long and hard in what was going to be good enough for me. But I felt like I was two people. One half of me wanted a powerful machine that could play games and run multiple programs at once and be fluid at editing. Then the other side of me wanted a lower spec model, preferably small so that I could do basic blogging and browsing the web and other little bits and bobs. Well the latter won when I saw this little 11” ASUS laptop. It was more or less the same spec as my last laptop, just nearly 3 times smaller. It’s perfect because one of the problems with bigger laptops is they can be a pain to carry around and get comfortable with. This one is ridiculously small yet it’s still big enough to be able to see what I am doing. And also now I can take this out with me. There would be times where I would be on a train and idea would come to my head. But I would only have my phone to make notes and I just hate smart phone keyboards. I find it so much easier typing on a qwerty keyboard. And now I can take this little beauty with me wherever I go. The battery life is also brilliant. A full charge, which only takes 3 hours, gives me nearly 10 hours battery life. So for when I’m on the train or in a café, having it run out of charge shouldn’t be a worry. I’m back in the blogging game!

Another reason why I sub-consciously maybe haven’t blogged as much is down to content. I’ve never really had a theme to my blog. It’s pretty random and I think the fact it’s so random I struggle what to actually write about. Because in my head I am thinking that I’ve mentioned it already in a previous post. So going forward I’m going try and structure my posts more. I love doing movie reviews, although I never refer to them as a review. More like my thoughts on what was good or bad. But then I guess that is a review. So I’m going to try and do more of them. An idea, which I’ve seen others do is to a Netflix trail review. So you know after a film, it recommends other films? Well I would dive straight in to that, maybe not in one sitting but save it in the list for next time. I think it would be quite cool to see where I end up. So that’s one idea. Another idea, which I may end up doing sooner rather than later is a separate wrestling blog. As you may or may not know, I am huge wrestling fan. But even though I could write about whatever I want here, I’ve always held back my inner urge to write about wrestling. So I’m thinking about doing a separate blog for that so that those who want to read just about my thoughts on wrestling can do. Plus it’s weekly so I would always have something to talk about.

Well ideas, ideas and ideas. It’s safe to say that drive I lost has come back. I’m really going to give this my full focus now. But for those of you that had read my posts, what do you like and don’t like? It would be good to get feedback, especially if there’s something you have liked me write about before. Just be gentle. I have a fragile heart….

Until next time my friends



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