Raw / Smackdown Live Thoughts!

GOLD……BERG! GOLD……BERG! Yes, Goldberg is back! I feel like a little kid all over again. Although I am still a kid at heart so yeah I’m basically always a kid. And I’ll be the first to admit that I got goosebumps when Goldberg’s entrance music hit and he entered the arena. That reaction from the crowd was one of the biggest Raw has had for years. Then again it has been 12 years since Goldberg last appeared in the WWE so I can’t say I’m surprised. Goldberg himself even looked taken aback. And a tear nearly showed. Clearly an emotional return given how wrestling was a huge part of his life. I really liked what he said about being a superhero to the kids and that he missed that connection. Because it’s one of the reasons why John Cena is so well respected given how much time he spends making kids dreams come true. So yeah that was cool. What is not cool is the fact that Goldberg is going up against BROOOOOCK LEEEEESSNAR! Brock has become so boring in the ring with his multiple suplexes and what not. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome when John Cena was on the end of them but ever since it’ been meh. So I’m not hyped for this match simply because of Goldberg’s age and Brocks limited move set. But as long as I see a spear and Brainbuster then I’ll be happy.

What I am loving right now is Kevin Owens & Jericho. This unlikely partnership has been the highlight of Raw over the recent months. And the reason it works is because they are clearly allowed to go off-script, which is something that doesn’t happen a lot when it comes to creative. Jericho is having the time of his life with his latest character development, the stupid idiots, the list, the IT! It’s comedy gold and I hope it never ends. I would go as far to say this is the best Jericho has EVER been. For someone who has been around for centuries, he has consistently been able to get himself over time and time again. Obviously this little partnership will come to end, which sucks, but all good things come to an end right? On Raw there was heavy hints dropped with regards to their friendship ending, which would then lead to a match. That I am definitely excited for when/if it happens. I’m liking the Rollins / Owens feud, it’s good to see Rollins finally get to be a face. I do want Rollins to have the belt again but I don’t think it will be at Hell in The Cell. I feel Owens will retain somehow, possibly Jericho getting involved or causing a distraction. But it’s going to be a great match regardless.

Moving on to the Women. And there are rumours at the time of writing this, that their historic Hell in The Cell Match will be the main event! This is quite possibly the best news of the week and one that had me jumping for joy in the queue at Starbucks. This match is going to be incredible, and I’m assuming also their last for a long time. On Raw they saved the two appearing in person and instead had interviews with both. Which were okay. I’m not normally a fan of these “interviews” but they served a purpose, and that was so that they can have their final showdown on the go home show next week. Not much else really happened on Raw. Although to be fair when I watch it I’m often also on Reddit and playing games as well. Oh yes I like to multi-task to the extreme. I have to with Raw because it’s so frickin’ long! So going forward I will only write about the stuff that jumps out at me while watching. I actually think I listen to it more, with the occasional glance up at the TV, but then I see Roman Reigns and I quickly look away again. All I can say on that is I really want Rusev to win the belt back. Which he won’t. But it’s good to want something sometimes, even if it will never happen. Like I also want to have babies with Alexa Bliss. Won’t happen, but it’s a pipe dream at best. And pipe dreams are always good.

Over on Smackown Live and it was a unusually mediocre episode this week. There were a couple of meaningless matches, e.g. Baron Corbin v Swagger. I loved how Swagger has come to Smackdown just to lose. It seems as if they have nothing better to do than to feed him to other superstars. But even Corbin is dull. He hasn’t had a decent storyline for ages. He’s a good heel and he deserves to be in a high mid card feud at the very least. My girl Alexa got a win over Naomi. Which should have happened at No Mercy, but it was apparent now that loss was to give them both something to do on Smackdown a week later. Not much happened in the Ziggler / Miz story. It seems they might have a rematch at Survivor Series, unless Ziggler will be in the 5 v 5 traditional matchup. Who knows. That seems like the way the Randy / Bray feud is heading too. Although the appearance of the casket match was interesting, Casket match on a Smackdown Live episode? And given the fact that Kane is also involved I would say these 4 will definitely be in the 5 v 5 match at Survivor Series. Which is 5 weeks away, so they have will definitely need to have some big matchups on Smackdown Live before the event to keep the interest going and for rating.

The only other noteworthy thing on Smackdown was James Ellsworth getting a huge “push” with the 2nd Smackdown Live Main Event in 2 weeks. This must be huge for the guy given the fact he was only brought in to lose against Braun Strowman a few weeks back. But due to the crowd interest and internet buzz he seems to have got somewhere. It’s not every day you get to main event against AJ Styles. Okay he doesn’t get much offence in, but what about that super kick out of nowhere? Either way he’s proved to be a crowd favourite. And it has the possibility of being a Daniel Bryan-esque story, if not even more so due to the dudes unique look. He’s the underdog of underdogs and that always gets the crowd going.

Oh and I doubt I will talk much about NXT on here. I love the program but there is only so much wrestling one guy can watch in a week. But you might see little bits and bobs if I manage to watch it, you just never know.

Well there it is, my first wrestling post. How was it? Please let me know in the comments and whether or not you agree/disagree with my thoughts. Be gentle though. I’m quite fragile.

That’s all from me folks, holla holla!


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