Unexpected problems…

Why do the shit things happen at the worst time? Like a parcel coming when you have just sat on the toilet or buying a new a TV only for it to be half price a few days later. Well in my case it’s my car, Suzie the Suzuki (the name just fits doesn’t it) after a good four year run, has decided to give up on me. In fairness it’s not actually her fault. It’s parts that she needs that would just cost too much money. And to spend more money on a car that’s 13 years old just doesn’t seem logical anymore. It’s a real shame. She has been nothing but good to me. You know I don’t think I’ve even mentioned her in any of my blogs. But, then again, why would I? Would have been a bit weird blogging about my car haha.. Can just imagine it… On this day me and Suzie took a trip to the seaside. But on the way she was suddenly very thirsty. So we had to stop at a garage to keep her rehydrated…would have sounded more like a girlfriend than a car!

And the name Suzie I hear you ask? Well that’s a no brainer. I have a thing of naming something that’s similar sounding to what it is. Or at least beginning with the same letter. So Suzie the Suzuki was just perfect. Better than perfect considering even the first 3 letters are the same. No idea what I’ll name my next car though. Guess it depends on what car it will be. God it’s going to be a whole new painful process finding a new car. I genuinely thought Suzie was going to last forever. And in doing so never serviced her. Which has now probably come back to bite me in the ass. She’s had MOTs of course. But for some reason I thought they were enough. Then again the fact she was old also put me off. A newer car makes sense to be serviced regularly because you’ve spent a lot of money on it. But with Suzie she was very cheap. Only because I bought her off a friend. Don’t go thinking it was a dodgy deal or something! Because I wouldn’t trust getting a car online. I know thousands of people do it but I’d feel a lot better going through a dealer. And getting a slightly newer car. Because I could quite easily get another old car but then it would probably just be the same issue. It might only last a couple of years and then I’d be back at square one again. So a newer car is on the cards. It’s just the small matter of buying one… with no money. That’s possible right? Who knows,  Santa might bring me one for Christmas! I have put a Mazda RX-8 on my wish list. But then I’m not sure if I have been good this year. I’ve got a feeling I’ve been naughty. I love the word Naughty. The fact that it sounds naughty saying it is brilliant. Yes, I am easily pleased.

So have you been good this year? What are you hoping Santa will bring you? Let me know in the comments. Or you could tweet or DM me. Plenty of options. Surprise me!

Until next time guys and gals.



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