The Headache of Present Buying

I think I’m going to put it in on record that Christmas shopping is officially the worst kind of shopping ever! I don’t like shopping at the best of times but this year seems to have been the most stressful yet. Which is mostly down to having to pay for a pretty hefty service on my car, which ended up being for nothing. And to spend that sum of money before Christmas is soul crushing. It’s why this year has been the latest ever that I’ve bought presents. Because I had to wait for pay day, which thankfully was today!  Normally I moan this time of year about being paid earlier, because then we have to survive a week longer until January’s pay. But this year it couldn’t have come sooner. I’ve spent the entire evening online looking at gifts, comparing prices and changing my mind every 5 minutes. 4 hours have flown by and although I’ve bought around 80% of presents, I still think I could have done it half the time.

You know what I blame for that? Reviews. And this is for mostly electronic goods, in this case tablets. They have become the bain of my life! I can’t just go in to a shop and pick an item.  I spend hours comparing specs and power and stuff that I probably don’t even understand. Then I’ll Google reviews whilst in the store fending off staff in the process saying I don’t need help. And in my defence they are never helpful. They all have scripts to follow on what to say and how to get you to buy something you may not of wanted. They won’t be honest. Oh no they can’t do that. They always tell you that the more expensive item is better than a cheaper one. They’re evil people. What would make more sense is to allow the staff to use the item for a week. Much like when restaurant waiters taste the whole chefs menu to give recommendations. That’s a lot better than just telling me stuff I already know or that I could find online. What I want to know is that persons personal experience with that item and how it performs in the real world. That’s not a lot to ask, is it?

So yeah been trying to look for a tablet all night for someone’s present and it’s given me a headache. For one, there are WAY too many tablets on the market at the moment. Seriously thousands. It just makes the whole process of looking already impossible. So then you narrow it down to budget etc but there are still loads to choose from. So I Google reviews and different websites saying different things. That’s worrying in itself if a tablet can give two different results right? Seeing how they all do the same tests on them. It just makes the whole present buying thing a nightmare. Is there not a service where you can give pay someone to shop for you? That would be amazing!

Anyway this is my last post before Christmas. So I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May you eat lots and drink even more!

Catch you guys soon!



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