Never fall asleep on a train…

Well hello you wonderful people. I do hope life is treating you all well. (If not let me know and I’ll see what I can do) Now while my brain is locked away thinking about the next blog post, my physical self is going to give you another writing prompt short story thing. Because, why not? I love doing these little bastards. They allow me to get out my weird and crazy side. Which isn’t a lot I must say. As with my previous writing prompts, I have searched the murky depths of Reddit again and found this little gem. It’s funny how most of these turn in to horror…I should probably get that checked out. But hey, in the meantime, have a read, and then hit me up on the social media side of things (which is only twitter) and let me know what you think. I love any kind of feedback. It all helps. Enjoy!

[WP] You fell asleep on the train. When you awake it’s night-time and the train is empty… except for the person sitting opposite you, staring at you.

I wake up the sound of absolutely nothing. No kids running around the train. No groups of teenagers drinking beer and annoying the other passengers. No snoring from the people that have worked all day and fallen asleep with a paper in their hand. Nothing. I could have sworn there was someone sitting next to me when I fell asleep. Yeah there definitely was. She was an emo girl, dressed in black from head to toe. Not normally my type but this girl was cute. I remember getting that little buzz feeling I got whenever a cute girl sat next to me. She even smiled at me and asked if she could sit there. I was trying very quickly to think of something witty to say but all that came was “yeah, of course”. Boring. The one chance to be funny, make an impression, and I mess it up. I don’t normally talk to people on trains so I blamed it on that.  She put her headphones and I could hear heavy drums slamming against the earbuds. That prompted me to put my headphones on and watch the rest of a Black Mirror episode that I started watching that morning. But before I knew it my eyes suddenly drew very heavy and I was out like a light. Now I’m here, slowly waking up, expecting to have to run for the train door so I wouldn’t miss my stop. But the train is still moving. Yet it is completely empty. From what I can tell of my blurred vision anyway. I’m rubbing my eyes slowly to wake them up, and in doing so, feel a presence near me. A sort of outline of something. Or someone. But I can’t quite make it out. I feel like I have been asleep for 24 hours yet still need more. Everything aches. My head feels like it is on fire. I suffer from migraines but nothing of this level. This is a new feeling and a horrible one at that. I try to lift my arms up to rub my head but they feel like dead weight. My energy seems to have zapped from me. What the fuck is going on? Is this a dream? Am I still asleep, in one of them deep sleeps where you can do stuff and it feels real. Something doesn’t feel right. My vision seems to be coming back, still a bit blurred but things close to me are coming in to focus. I see my iPad on the floor, still playing Netflix. I must have dropped it when I fell asleep. My work bag is still by my feet, but it looks like someone has been in it. I don’t know. I could have kicked it by mistake and made some of the items spill out. But then I see a pair of boots opposite the bag. Very shiny boots too. I could almost see myself in them. They were facing me dead on. I tried with all my strength and shifted my body to the left so that I was sitting properly in the chair. And with that I gasped suddenly. I was staring at someone who was staring at me. It was a person. And it was someone who I had seen before. The girl from earlier. The emo girl who sat next to me. But this time she was wearing all red. I could have sworn she was in black earlier. I don’t know. I try to say something. But only noises came out. She looks at me and smiles. My heart is pounding through my chest. This is definitely a nightmare. I saw this girl earlier and now she’s in my nightmare. It happens all the time. I just need to wake myself up. It’s obviously just a deep sleep I’m in. But before I could do anything. The girl stood up, opening up her long red coat to reveal her naked body underneath. It looked amazing, so smooth and silky. And her boobs were fantastic. Maybe this is one of them wet dreams. I’ve had them a few times. They feel just as real as anything else. But before I could get excited I noticed a reflection to the left of her body. And then I slowly started noticing my reflections as my eyes focused on what it was. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Light was bouncing off metal knives and tools in her coat. Incredibly clean and shiny. They were clearly brand new. And there were even more on the other side of her coat. My heart felt like it was in my mouth. I tried to struggle away but my body would not move. She took a step towards me, smiling the whole way and said “I bought all these especially for you. Now, where should I start? Your arms? Or your legs? Or your testicles? You have 60 seconds to choose. Starting Now.”

Until next time!






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