What awaits in 2017…

Hey peeps! How the devil are you all? Not well I’d imagine, given how literally everyone I know has this horrible coughing and sneezing disease. Myself included! I’ve had it for about a week and a half now. It doesn’t want to go away! It doesn’t help that everyone in my office has it too. We’re all passing germs back and fourth on a daily basis. So as soon as one person gets over it, another person gets it, then it just goes round and round. That flu jab I got back in November was supposed to protect me! It’s done bugger all. And I heard someone say the other day that GP’s are advising that it could last up to 6 – 8 weeks! That’s the longest flu ever in the history of the world, surely? What I don’t get is there is absolutely no cure for the common cold. But why? With all of today’s advances in science and medicine, surely it can’t be difficult to conjure up a cure? We’re all fed up of taking Lemsips and Paracetmol because it doesn’t do anything. It’s a placebo effect, just designed to make you feel like your getting better, when in reality your nowhere near full recovery. We take a tablet to make us feel better, but how the hell does the tablet know where to go? And what it is that is wrong with me? It’s bizarre. And maybe something I’ll never understand. The best advice apparently is to drink lots of fluid and rest. Well no one has time to rest. I can’t afford to take a week off work because of a cold. I believe that the employer should let people be off or work from home. We’re only spreading germs around and making everyone else ill too. It’s counter-intuitive and not good for productivity. But hey that’s just my thoughts. Do with them what you will.

January is so depressing isn’t it? No one has any money. We’re all back at work too soon after Christmas and everyone is ill. Happy times! Not. I am somewhat happier than normal at this time of year however, and that’s because I have brand spanking shiny new car! Wooo! You might recall I mentioned my old car, Suzie the Suzuki gave up on me last December after 4 years together. Well Suzie the Suzuki MK.2 is now on the scene! Back with a major new look and feel. Think Tony Stark’s first suit in Iron Man and then his latest one in Avengers: Civil War. That’s the level of awesomeness where this upgrade stands currently. It wasn’t cheap, not by any means, but the deal was too good to ignore. Yes it’s a monthly payment for the next 3 and ½ years but I can live with that. And if anything I’ll probably save the money in the long run. This is because the road tax is ridiculously cheap, it does great MPG and the insurance is the same as my last car. So I’ll be paying less for petrol as the car will last so much longer before it needs re-filling. And it’s in Metallic Red, which is just the best colour. So yeah I’m pretty chuffed right now. I won’t be in a month’s time when I hear my bank account cry in pain as the first instalment is taken out, but I’ll get used to it. We only live once, that’s my motto. Not for everything though, otherwise I’d have minus money haha.

So what does 2017 hold for me? And that I have no idea. One of the more important things is going to be focusing on this blog. I really slipped last year and kept making excuses on why I wasn’t posting. But it’s never going to be successful if I can’t keep to schedule. That’s my goal this year, to keep to a schedule and post weekly.  Once I do that, then I can start looking for voluntary work like guest posting or similar. I had opportunities last year that I just threw away. I’m not going to do that this year. I intend to watch a lot more films too. Try to keep the blog focused in someway. I look back through my posts and it’s all over the place. It’s hard to market a blog that literally can be anything and everything. So I’m going to try narrowing the broadness of it down and keeping to a few topics. You’ll still get my stupid sense of humour and rubbish jokes, but they’ll be more in line with films and TV than just my life.

So here’s to a hopefully a successful 2017. May you all have a good one, and I hope to be getting to know some of you more throughout my blogging journey.

That’s me signing off, ciao!




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