The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Much like Snakes on a Plane, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is exactly what you get on the tin. It couldn’t be any more simpler. I mean they could have come up with a fancy smancy title but I’m so glad they didn’t. Because sometimes film titles just don’t make sense. I’m all for a simple, straightforward title. I like to know what I’m going to get when I pick up the DVD case before reading the back. I mean look at Sharknado. A tornado that has sharks? Brilliant AND clever. Loved it. Lesbian Vampire Killers? Aside from the film being terrible, it’s exactly what I got. Loved it again. Which leads me to The Autopsy of Jane Doe. A film about, well, The Autopsy of Jane Doe of course!

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch play coroners Tommy and Austin. A father and son team with the relatively straightforward job (after many years of studying and what not) of finding cause of death until the titular Jane Doe is wheeled in to the practice last minute by the local sheriff. He wants the body to be examined ASAP. The body was found in the basement of a house where four people had been killed. Who by? No one knows. Hence why the sheriff needs some answers for his bosses pretty quickly before the whole thing gets out to the media. Austin, who was on his way out with his Girlfriend, decides to stay and help his dad with the autopsy. What a good son he is. Round of applause for Austin!

So begins the autopsy. And it’s safe to say that it doesn’t go as well as many others have done before. The body very quickly doesn’t appear to be normal, as they come across things throughout the autopsy that they can’t explain. Just think on that for a minute and take in how creepy that is. You’ve been a coroner for years and have seen pretty much everything there is. And then you come across a body where nothing makes sense. Would that not be terrifying? Or would you be intrigued? For me it’s a mixture of both. I’d be very reluctant to carry on, but finding out more would definitely make me do so. It’s a mystery after all and it needs to be solved. And that’s what this film does amazingly well. Keeping you interested while watching behind a pillow. Unless that’s just me?

Cox and Hirsch are both brilliant in this film. I’ve seen them in a few things but I’d say this is the best they have been to date. Their relationship is believable and that really helps in key moments throughout. If it wasn’t for their great chemistry then this film wouldn’t have worked. Especially in one scene that really made me think, could I have done that? The director done a great job in keeping me scared and intrigued at the same time. It’s done through imaginative set pieces, eerie lighting and a very creepy score. I mean the film is set in a morgue. It doesn’t get much scarier than that. But it’s all the about score and background sounds in horror films and this one is done so well. I never thought I would hate the sound of a little tiny bell. That’ll make sense when you watch it. The sounds are perfectly placed on the “fake” scares, that still made me jump out of my beanbag chair. Spilling a glass of water in the process. Why do I watch these films at night? I’m just asking for trouble.

I honestly loved this film. It’s creepy, tense, scary, intriguing and has a gut punch of an ending, all in over 90 minutes. What more could you want? I don’t even think it got a theatrical release over here. Which is a huge shame because this would have been even better in the cinema. Its one of them films where you raise your knees in front you before a potential scare. Oh come on, that’s not just me again? Anyway it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray now so you have no excuse not to watch it. It’s got a huge thumbs up from me.




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