Sleepless (2017)

I remember seeing the trailer for Sleepless last year but not being overly fussed. Jamie Foxx has done some good films but he’s been in plenty of bad ones too. This one looked like a miss and it’s safe to say I was right. The plot alone is one we’ve all seen before. Jamie Foxx is Vincent, a Cop who steals drugs that belong to a big mafia type guy, who obviously wants them back. He arranges the kidnap of Vincent’s son until the drugs are returned. You get the idea.

But wait, it’s never that simple, is it? In this case, it comes in the shape of Michelle Monaghan’s Bryant, who smells something fishy going on with Vincent. Is he a dirty cop? It’s something that she seems very certain about. So she decides to tail Vincent to a casino. There she finds a stash of drugs that Vincent stashed (obviously not very well) and takes them. She is now even more certain Vincent is up to no good.

Bryant is supported by her partner Dennison, played by the always reliable David Harbour. He for one seems to be smart, advising Bryant that they should formally investigate this before confronting Vincent. Bryant obviously disagrees and is quite happy to break all protocol to bust a dirty cop. While this is all going on, Casino owner Rubino, played by Dermot Mulroney, is avoiding being killed by Scoot McNairy’s bad guy Novak. It turns out Rubino has been stealing Novak’s drugs too. I mean seriously, what is with all the stealing? What follows is a huge game of cat and mouse. Vincent trying to find the drugs and his son, Bryant trying to find Vincent, Novak trying to find Vincent and his drugs. The film should have been called Cat & Mouse: Casino.

Sleepless is fairly straightforward in terms of plot but it’s far from straightforward in how it’s executed. It somehow manages to make things confusing very early on and it led me down a path where I only saw one outcome. Until something is revealed and I was like huh? Where did that come from? I mean I understood it, but it should have been a big reveal and instead came off as lazy writing. The same goes for the ending. Could have been good but I saw it coming.

As far as the cast is concerned. Jamie is okay, as I said earlier, he’s been better in other films. Michelle Monaghan was quite happy just shouting 90% of her lines. Scoot & Dermot didn’t have much to do as the bad guys so couldn’t buy them as “scary” if you know what I mean. The action is the only thing that was enjoyable and there were some well-choreographed fight scenes.

Sleepless won’t keep you awake at all. It might just actually send you to sleep instead.



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